PPO Inspiration


"Grandpa and Me"

WOW!  What amazing speakers they had at this years PPO convention.  It really inspired me to look at the generations of life differently.  I love photographing families and children, however I have been neglecting an important generation…..our monarchs of our families.  The ones that we owe being here to.  The elderly have such wisdom and they have been through so much.  The eyes are our souls and you can see it in the generations that have been through so much in there lives. 

So with this said, I am starting a new project with all of this in mind.  I believe it’s important to capture all the milestones in our lives through photography, the most important being the milestone of great wisdom, our time in life we grow to be tired, but very full of life and knowledge. I’m so excited to capture those moments of life that are so rich in memories.  “Capturing Years Of Wisdom”  is the title and I look forward to this journey and where it will take me and ever so excited about the wise and great people I will get to meet!

I will be posting images from this on my Blog, I look forward to sharing it with everyone:) 



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